Author Name : Anil Gaikwad, Shweta Jadhav and Chandrashila Gaikwad
Volume : II, Issue :I,September - 2016
Published on : 2016-09-25 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

Alkaline protease producing micro-organisms isolated from soil identified as Bacillus spp. and a fungus- Aspergillus niger were tested for alkaline protease production and showed positive result. Alkaline protease production was induced by addition of 2% skimmed milk to the medium (NB for Bacillus and PDB for Aspergillus niger). The proteolytic activity was assayed on skimmed milk agar plates, by measuring the diameter of the zone in mm of hydrolysis. The optimum pH and temperature for alkaline protease activity were found to be 10 and 600 C respectively for alkaline protease produced by Aspergillus niger. pH 9 and temperature 500 C were found to be optimum for the activity of alkaline protease produced by Bacillus isolates. The alkaline protease activity was not altered even on immobilization of the cells or filterate. The DNA and plasmid isolation of the Bacillus isolates were not successful. The enzyme being thermostable, compatible with detergent and active in a wide pH and tempera