Author Name : Mr. Uttam Chand Gautam and Prof. Yogendra Singh
Volume : II, Issue :II,October - 2016
Published on : 2016-10-27 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

Begging is a social problem which has not only psychological consequences such as the development of inferiority complex in the beggar’s family members and their network of kinship. But also will affect as a unpleasant problem, the geographical and social structure of the cities. This social issue and its unpleasant consequence are of considerable important in terms of effect. It will have on the face of city. The increasing number of child beggars in Meerut their tendency towards committing offences and crime and the lace of an organized and purposeful management in solving this social problem is indicative of the necessity of studying this issue. This paper is conduct on social experiment about child beggar in Meerut city. We will know the socio economic status of child beggars, causes of begging and they got any help by government or NGO’s provide to him in this research paper.