Author Name : Dr. V. Divyathejomurthy
Volume : II, Issue :III,November - 2016
Published on : 2016-11-14 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

In India more than 70 percent of the population dwells in villages. According to the 2011 census, there are about 6, 38,596 villages constituting more than 100 crores population. The problems of rural masses are terrible conditions and innumerable. Even after 70 years of Independence, people in villages are found to be economically backward, socially oppressed, culturally suppressed, politically exploited, traditionally nullified and in general deprived of facilities like health, education, transportation, communication and even denied basic amenities like protected drinking water, food, clothing, shelter etc. As a result they are prone to poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, ill-health and multitudes of exploitation.