PLANNING STRATEGY FOR TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (An Empirical Study In Select Public And Private Sector Undertakings)

Author Name : Mrs. B. Prathima and Dr. M. Trimurthi Rao
Volume : II, Issue :III,November - 2016
Published on : 2016-11-19 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

In the present era of rapid changes in the market and economic development characterized by phenomenon such as globalization, deregulation of markets, advancement in technology and intense competition. Total Quality Management (TQM) becomes utmost important in all sectors; it seeks to integrate all organizational functions to focus on meeting and surpassing customers’ requirements and ultimately organizational objectives. TQM empowers every member of the organization and offers the opportunity to participate, contribute and develop a sense of ownership. It is intended to promote continuous, sustained and long term improvement in quality and productivity and eliminate employees’ fear of change.