Design & implementation of 17 Level Inverter with FACTS technology for Distributed Energy System

Author Name : G.V Srinivas And Md.Najeeb Ahmad
Volume : II, Issue :VIII,April - 2017
Published on : 2017-04-01 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

The thesis, deals with novel 1-phase wind energy multilevel inverters (WEI) with FACTS facility is given. The latest converter will be positioned in the middle of Wind turbine & the Grid, as usually, which is capable of regulating active & reactive-Powers transmitted to grid. The new flanged inverter has incorporated with D.STATCOM option to modify the Power Factor (PF) of general feeder. By this anticipated Inverter for small & average sized Wind applications will eliminates the utilization of Capacitor bank & FACTS requirements to manage the Pf of Distribution-line. The aspiration of the technique is to commence novel methods to augment access of renewable energy inventions in to Distribution system.