Disaster management in India

Author Name : Prof. N. A. Ekhande, Prof.P.S. Bhopale,
Volume : II, Issue :X,June - 2017
Published on : 2017-06-28 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

India is most vulnerable developing countries to suffer very often from various natural disasters the locational and geographical features render it vulnerable to a number of natural hazards such as cyclone drought, floods, earthquakes, fire, landslides and volcanic eruption. Which causes bad effect on human life, economy and surrounding environment. The country has an integrated administrative machinery for disaster management at National, Provincial (State), District and Sub-District levels. The responsibility for undertaking rescue and relief measures in the event of natural calamities is that of the State Government concerned. Minimize the potential risks by developing early warning strategies. Elaborate procedural mechanism outlined in relief manuals & codes for emergency management operations. Space technology plays a crucial role in efficient mitigation of disasters. While communication satellite helps in disaster warning.The country has elaborate cyclone detection, tracking