Author Name : Dr. P. B. Beulahbel Bency
Volume : II, Issue :X,June - 2017
Published on : 2017-06-30 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

Education should make a difference to the learner, it should make a noticeable change in his life; it should matter to him in one way or the other; and should add value to his dreams. It may be knowledge, skill, attitude, behavior, wealth, health, character or learning; it could be anything and in any degree but it should be imparted to a person through education. Teaching is a noble job, for the teacher has to give more than he receives and what he gives is priceless. So, it is going to be a market-driven educational system demanding quicker adoptability to universal changes. But it is not easy for a teacher to suddenly change the method of handling a class from a system based on suppression. Once children are familiarized well they will begin to appreciate the value of orderliness and will want to behave well simply because they like and trust the teacher. Motivating children to get them interested in learning could be a starting point or the keystone of any new system. Collaborative