KULIK BIRD SANCTUARY: The Whispering of Nature

Author Name : Dr. Tapas Pal
Volume : II, Issue :XI,July - 2017
Published on : 2017-07-18 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

The breeding colony of Asian Open-bill Storks is estimated among the top ten heronries of India in terms of number of nests (Subramanya 1996) and is recognized as an Important Bird Area (Islam & Rahmani 2004).This species is native of and breeds in Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (BirdLife International 2007).It is still not known why such a large number of Asian Openbill-Storks breed in the small Raiganj Bird Sanctuary, which is subject to several forms of human disturbances. Birds could be exhibiting a high degree of philopatry (the tendency of a migrating animal to return to a specific location in order to breed or feed), which requires study by marking individual birds. Additionally, the region is a flood plain with plenty of rice paddies, dotted with many large water bodies, riverine beds and marshy areas that are full of their main food, Apple snail Pilaglobosa.