Author Name : Dr. Indrani Ghosh
Volume : II, Issue :XI,July - 2017
Published on : 2017-07-23 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

Modernization refers to usage of the contemporary by imbibing a rational attitude towards issues and their evaluation. It is essentially a pragmatic outlook. At present India with its rich and ancient civilization stands at the crossroad between age old cultural values and modern rational outlook. Rather than a conflict, a blend between the two is sought for our enrichment. Conservation of the old along with fusion with the new can lead to a better balanced society. Modernization of traditional values can be attained through appropriate education. Education alone can enlighten us about our rich past and find means to synthesize it with the modern spirit. The present paper, through a review of literature tries to: trace the values of ancient India; investigate the conflicting modern outlooks; and attempt to find means to attain synthesis between traditional and modern values through education. Through review of literature it is found that India has a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted