Author Name : Mrs. Shweta Ujwal Bagadi, Ayush Jain, Abhishek Pokharna and Dilesh Jain
Volume : I, Issue :VII,March - 2016
Published on : 2016-03-26 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

In this world of invention we tries to capture each and every thing on a single click, so in order to reduce manual work to create or display notice , so keep in mind such situation we develop an android app controlled wireless notice board. As we know that display Board is primary thing in any institution or public transport places like Bus stations, Railway stations etc. But sticking various notices day to day is very hectic and time consuming process. This project deals about an progress hi-tech wireless display board. The project is built around the P.I.C micro controller from Atmel. By means of Bluetooth open source protocol based on wireless interfacing can be provided to make it user friendly. This system is better to display the latest information through an android application of smart phones or tablet. Along with this we also assemble a GPS device. It provides an intellectual navigation and efficient system to track a locomotive position.