Author Name : A. Jayashree
Volume : I, Issue :VI,February - 2016
Published on : 2016-02-22 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

Considerable advancement has been made in human hereditary qualities and genomics research in the course of recent years since the distribution of the draft arrangement of the human genome in 2001. Discoveries radiating straightforwardly from the Human Genome Project, together with those from take after on studies, have enormously affected our comprehensi on of the engineering and capacity of the human genome . The International Hap Map Project was an association that expected to build up a haplo type map (Hap Map) of the human genome, to depict the normal examples of human genetic variety. Hap Map is utilized to discover hereditary variations influencing well being, infection and reactions to drugs and natural variables. The data delivered by the task is made unreservedly accessible for examination.