Author Name : Mariam Thomas
Volume : I, Issue :XI,July - 2016
Published on : 2016-07-29 , By : IRJI Publication

Abstract :

English is one of the most important of languages in the world and is used by almost every individual, especially the educated, at some time or the other. It is considered to be very essential and important as it enjoys the status of the ‘lingua franca’. In this era of Modernization and Globalization, to survive, English is the basic necessity and on account of this almost all the thinking public is frantically after to grasp and master it. Even all the developing countries and those who have set their eyes on progress and betterment have made it a point to learn and improve their knowledge of English. A very good example is China and they are doing their best efforts for this from the time they realized that English is the key to their development. In almost all the states of India also the craze for English medium education had increased and those who can and cannot afford this, are after it. Many local medium schools are being closed as a result of this mad rush for English schools.