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Online Publication Guidelines

IRJI facilitates the Online research paper publication and as-well-as print research papers publication accompanying the e-ISSN 2454-8707.
It has been observed that some authors/researchers have in depth knowledge in their working field and they work hard from long time. But they fail to project their work globally. IRJI is an online publication which promotes their research work globally with the help of high indexing websites. In this way author's work reaches to the target audience.
Call for Papers - July 2017 Edition (Volume II, Issue XI)
Authors are invited to send their research paper through online submission at IRJI review board. All the submitted papers will be reviewed as per full double blind international refereeing process.
The Research papers should be drafted in IRJI paper submission format and sent at for review.
All the received paper manuscript will be sent to our reviewer board and the reviewer comment will be sent back to authors by email with in 10 days of submission.

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