International Research Journal Of India

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Conference Paper Publication

International Research Journal of India International Journals exceptional issue welcomes the papers from the NATIONAL CONFERENCE, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, SEMINAR led by schools, and so forth. The Group of paper will acknowledge with some concession and will distribute in SSRG International Journals as exceptional issue. It is the stage for College and so forth to share the learning.

Seventh Sense Research Group (IRJI) International Journals urges academicians to visitor alter exceptional issues on regular themes of hobby. Such extraordinary issues, presented by the Guest Editor, concentrate on claim to fame areas.

Recommendations should contain:

Name of the coordinator/Institute/University/and so on and points of interest.

Tittle of the exceptional issue

Set out the significance of the zone and points that the uncommon issue will concentrate on.

Explain the foreseen commitment of the unique issue in propelling comprehension here.

Indicate the time-scale in which the uncommon issue could be expecting the proposition is accepted.